Mobility Scooters

Leister’s Home Care is a leading supplier of mobility scooters in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta.

Mobility scooters are electric-powered personal mobility vehicles. They are a perfect solution for excursions to the park, getting groceries or visiting friends and family.  3 wheel mobility scooters and 4 wheel mobility scooters are available in a variety of sizes to suit your need. There are travel scooters that disassemble or fold for storage and travel, mid-sized multi-use scooters, and large, more robust scooters that can effectively handle more challenging terrain. Let us assist you in choosing the right mobility scooter to match your lifestyle needs. We can also adjust and maintain your scooter to ensure that it gives you years of trouble-free performance.  A Popular supplier is Pride Mobility.

Travel Scooters

  • 3 or 4-wheel units designed mainly for use indoors but can be used outside on smooth, hard surfaces
  • small wheels provide superior maneuverability in tight spaces
  • easy to dismantle for loading into a vehicle
  • battery range is limited

Mid-Size Scooter

  • 3 or 4-wheeled units designed for use both indoors and outside
  • larger wheel size makes them easier to use outdoors but good maneuverability allows them to be used in stores, malls, restaurants and coffee shops
  • wide range of prices and options, including full suspension, headlights, turn signals and power seats
  • somewhat more difficult to transport as they generally do not disassemble
  • can be transported in a van or truck – usually with the assistance of a scooter lift

Outdoor Mobility Scooters

  • excellent for use outside, even over rough terrain
  • 4 wheels provide maximum stability but 3-wheel versions are also available
  • available with suspensions, light packages and seating options
  • transportation requires a large vehicle equipped with a lift
  • limited maneuverability indoors

At Leisters Home Care, we specialize in the following scooters because we feel they are the best scooters on the market today.

Pride MoPride Wranglerbility 4 Wheel Scooter – Wranglers
Features & Benefits

- Dual motors for maximum traction and power
- 13″ all-terrain tires for enhanced performance on rugged terrain
- Standard deluxe contoured high-back seat
- Top speed of 10 MPH



Pride Pursuit

Pride Mobility 4 Wheel Scooter – Pursuit
Features & Benefits

- 24V, 4-pole DC motor for increased power
- Feather-touch disassembly
- Powerful drive train, features 120 amp microprocessor based controller
- Deluxe reclining high-back seat with headrest and sliders
- Full lighting package including directional signals and angle-adjustable, lower headlight
- Large 13″ low profile solid tires for excellent outdoor performance
- Front and rear suspension
- Easily accessible tie down points (for transport of unoccupied scooter)


Pride GoGoPride Mobility 4 Wheel Scooter – Go-Go Traveler Elite Plus
Features & Benefits

- 300 lbs. weight capacity
- Standard 18AH battery pack
- 9″ rear wheels
- Speed up to 4.5 MPH
- Feather-touch disassembly with one hand
- Auto-connecting front to rear cable
- Includes 3 sets of easily changeable colored panels in 3 exciting colors: Red, Blue and Silver
- HD version available w/325 lbs. weight capacity


Pride CelebrityPride Mobility 4 Wheel Scooter – Celebrity X
Features & Benefits

- Feature-rich luxury product at an attractive price
- Auto-latching lockup for easy assembly/disassembly
- Top speed up to 6 MPH
- 350 lbs. weight capacity
- 19″ x 16″ deluxe foldable molded seat w/ sliders for increased comfort
- Includes bright, long-lasting LED lights for safety
- Front frame-mounted seat post for optimal stability
- Three and Four wheel versions available